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General objectives of the extension page: –
Definition of the concept of educational counseling process
Identify the role of  the counselor in the basic stage is particularly
Identify problems experienced by students
Identify appropriate preventive methods that reduce the occurrence of behavioral, social, educational and emotional problems.

School Counselor : –
Is the person trained and qualified to help students solve problems and facilitate their understanding themselves as well as understanding their strengths and weaknesses ; until the  child is able to reach the maximum degree of growth allowed by their abilities in all aspects ( psychological – social – academic and family ).

The students are still in childhood stages and therefore have developmental characteristics that differ from the rest of the individuals. The counseling of children during the basic stage is responsible for helping the child to achieve healthy growth and integrated compatibility. The educational counselor acts as a bridge between the student, the teacher and the family; this comes only through good relations with the three parties.

The most important roles of mentor basic stage: –
Student’s understanding his ideas and his own philosophy of life
Building good, strong relationships with students without exception
Provide an opportunity for students to express their basic abilities and inclinations and match these tendencies and capabilities with the level of academic achievement
Educate students at the school with effective ways to build social relationships and problem solving techniques
Effective collaboration with parents to achieve compatibility and mental health both inside and outside school


My name is Fatima Hassan and I’m a guidance counselor for the lower primary department at Kuwait Bilingual School (KBS). At KBS our counseling department offers a wide variety of services for our students. As guidance counselors, we are involved in activities and services that enhance the quality of our students’ school experience. We collaborate with parents and teachers to create strategies to help students succeed at school and at home.

Referrals to the counselors can be made as follows:

·         self-referral by the student

·         by teachers/school administration

·         parental request

·         directive to the student by the assistant principal (required as part of discipline procedure or improvement program)

Responsive Services

At KBS we try to meet our students’ immediate and or unplanned needs. We aim to offer support service for students and families through trying times. Our support includes;

·         transitioning to a new school / class and life skills development

·         crisis intervention such as family problems like family separation, divorce and death of a loved one

·         in-class issues such as bullying and peer pressure

·         Academic concerns such as lack of motivation and effort, time management crisis intervention

Individual and small-group counseling

Counseling is provided in a small group or on an individual basis for students experiencing difficulties dealing with various issues at home or at school. Individual and small-group counseling helps our students identify problems, causes, and possible solutions.  We work with their teachers and parents to identify appropriate strategies or to make appropriate choices. When necessary, referrals are made to appropriate community resources, as available.


As a counselor we consult with teachers, administrators and parents to provide them with information which will support students at KBS and at home.

Consultation can take many forms:

·         Regularly communicating with teachers, administration and parents

·         Weekly meetings with teachers to discuss student concerns

·         Individual meetings with parents and teachers

·         Weekly meetings with the deputy principal to discuss student concerns and counseling program updates

Guidance Curriculum

Currently at KBS we are working on improving the guidance curriculum that consists of structured developmental lessons. Our hope is that the schools counseling curriculum provides students with a better understanding of the scope and sequence related to counseling topics. The guidance counselor visits classes and work with teacher to either provide instruction, team teach or assist in teaching counseling related topics connected to the classes unit of inquiry. Listed below are some topics that have been taught:

·         Understanding the negative effects of bullying

·         Dealing with anger management

·         How to make and be a friends

At KBS we give our students an unsurpassed learning opportunity here in Kuwait.  As a counselor I am here to enable our students to become capable and confident IB learners. My role is to provide individual, group and classroom guidance services to our diverse student population. Here at KBS we believe that it is best to make sure that parents and teachers are working together as allies. We help foster that environment by ensuring communication is an essential ingredient in parent involvement. Thus as a counselor, my interactions with students individually, in small groups, or as an entire class are transparent.

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