Together We Can

In 1998 wanting to deliver quality, international and bilingual education to Kuwait’s second largest metropolis, was considered a pipe dream. Almost 25 years has passed and the reality has surpassed the dream.

Mr. Saleh Al Mekhlef has provided new educational opportunities for the children of Jahra in a safe, caring and disciplined environment with the highest standards for academics, sports, arts, and extra-curricular programs. While it seems like yesterday’s dream, the reality of a quality and values-based education is authentic and real and cannot be denied in the steady growth and spillover of the 1st private bilingual school to the families of Kuwait’s second largest city.

Under the leadership of the competence and capability of the Chairman of the Board, we have a school that has achieved a strong reputation for Excellence because of the commitment and dedication of its staff to the students of Kuwait Bilingual School.

As its students go into the world, the horizons of education in Al Jahra, Kuwait has expanded to the gasp and surprise of all who witnessed it grow from its beginnings.

“Children of today, leaders of tomorrow.”

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