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Kuwait Bilingual School is a Grade 1-12 non-profit bilingual educational institution, providing quality programs to instill ethical and moral values, positive attitudes, leadership attributes, a commitment to global and local issues, and a life-long pursuit for learning.


 KBS strives to develop students who will:

1.        Demonstrate the qualities of honesty, respect, tolerance, courtesy, concern for others, humility and self discipline in daily practice.

2.        Demonstrate through action, qualities of self control, motivation and commitment to studies.

3.        Display willingness to take responsibility for personal decisions and their consequences.

4.        Attain high standards in religious, linguistic, mathematical and scientific knowledge.

5.        Attain qualities of effective oral and aural communication appropriate to developmental stage.

6.        Acquire an understanding and appreciation of great human achievement and aspirations through study of historical, social and psychological traditions.

7.        Acquire knowledge of and participate in the fine arts for enjoyment and personal growth.

8.        Develop technological skills necessary for communication, research and effective participation in modern life

9.        Develop creativity and innovation in all disciplines.

10.    Develop commitment to physical well being through participation in team and individual sporting activities.

11.    Adopt appropriate standards of personal hygiene and illustrate awareness of a balanced nutritional diet.

12.    Acquire an understanding and respect for Islamic traditions and culture while demonstrating a tolerance for the beliefs of others.

13.    Display problem solving, research and study skills, to exact maximum individual potential.

14.    Attain the ability to engage in constructive self criticism yet promote and maintain a positive self image.

15.    Display independence of thought, respect for diversity of opinion, and ability to adapt effectively   to the demands of our ever changing world.

16.    Develop strong citizenship skills, empathy and involvement with the concerns of the local, regional, national and world community.

17.    Develop the ability to use leisure time effectively.

18.    Maximize leadership skills

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