Together We Can

Welcome to Kuwait Bilingual School 1. 

 As an eager member of the team of KBS1 Administrators and Educators, it is with joy that I join in the educational experience of the children of Jahra.

As a role model for my students, the greatest challenge to my carrier is to accomplish what so far has been considered as too high an ideal for the community of Jahra. For me personally, such goal towards an Excellent Education became easy by believing to mimic the dreams of Mr. Saleh Al Mekhlef who founded and built the school as the first private bilingual school to the families of Al Jahra, Kuwait. His sacrifice has not ceased to puzzle me because his resilience comes very close to being mysterious.

Can any good thing come out of Jahra? Yes, it is possible and there is Excellent Education coming out from Jahra – Come and see, the children of Jahra are going all over the world! 

KBS1 is delivering quality, bilingual education to Kuwait’s largest metropolis, with new and broader educational opportunities in values-based education cultivated by the commitment and devotion of its staff of great Educators.

Master’s Degree: Educational Leadership, University of Texas.
Bachelor’s Degree: Psychology, Columbia University.

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