Together We Can

We wish all our Kuwaiti Nationals a Happy National Day. 

Freedom is not cheap. 
It’s usually a very expensive by product; 
bought with the blood of many who give  their lives
 for a people or nation or land to be free from oppression.  
Kuwait is no exception. 

We honor everyone who shed their blood for Kuwait 
to be able to celebrate this great nation and people as an Independent entity.  

 Have a wonderful Independence Day!  

Mission and Vision

Vision Statement:

The vision of KBS1 is to provide a safe and caring environment that fosters a life-long love of learning and equips students with the skills they need to succeed and make a valuable contribution to our global society.

Mission Statement:

The vision will be accomplished by… Developing partnerships between students, teachers, parents, and the Al Jahra community.

Providing differentiated instruction to ensure that all students can access the curriculum.

Encouraging students to communicate confidently in both Arabic and English inside and outside of the classroom. Promoting global-mindedness so that students are open to new ideas while maintaining a love of their unique heritage.

School motto: “Together we can.”

About Kuwait Bilingual School


KBS1 is a candidate school for accreditation with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) of USA. 

We have taken this step because we recognize the importance of ensuring that our educational programs are rigorously assessed and approved by outside, internationally accredited agencies. 

We believe that a school’s curriculum includes all those student activities—academic and nonacademic—for which the school takes responsibility, since they all have an impact on student learning. 

We will therefore be focusing on developing not only learning attributes but also character, especially mutual respect for each other. It is expected that parents support the school in this regard.




MoE: Ministry of Education, Kuwait,,

Kuwait Bilingual School is licensed by the Ministry of Education in Kuwait since 1998

NESA: Near East South Asia, Council of Overseas Schools, KBS is an Associate Member of this organization Middle East IB Schools
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